Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy Policy

Dear customers and visitors to T-shirt Panda,

First of all, we would like to say a big thanks to all of you guys for linking and showing your interest in our website and products.

We have created this privacy policy document, just to make you aware of some major and minor focal, considerable, and transparency build-up privacy terms of this global online market place for t-shirt selling. Under this privacy policy document of t-shirt panda website we would consider the following perks:

1. Data Processing and Responsibility

In order to protect the customers data all the way, the entire service provider team of this t-shirt selling portal (sellers) and the buyer has been equally responsible for the entire set up and management of the data processing whether the data is about the customers private or personal information that they have shared with us at this portal. Nevertheless, if the customers are going through with any such of our data processing and responsibility firm, you can reach us anytime using this email address:

2. The Exact Way of Our Data Processing

We fetch the following details of every single customer or first-time visitor of the t-shirt panda website:

  • IP Address

  • Date, Time and Location

  • Time zone

  • Customer’s Name

  • Customer’s Address to ship their order to their registered address

  • Customer’s verified contact number

  • Customer’s Email address

  • Customer’s preferred language and browser.

3. Cookies 

We will store every single customer browsing data and their cookies on our site although the cookies are coming from any third-party source. The storage of this cookie will help us to recognize the customers on their second and another visit to our website “”.

While anyhow, if you do not want us to store your cookies then you are free to delete it from the settings options of your browser at any time, in this way you can prevent your cookies to be stored in our or the third party database.

4. Order status and User Account Management

In concern to the proper management of the customer’s placed orders and their well registered verified account on this website, it is necessary for the customers and the visitors of the website to share their required details with us. Meanwhile, the website has also a facility to deliver an easy shopping experience to the global visitors by placing orders directly with their email is or contact number while as in the second option they can make themselves a registered member at this site before to place an online order for buying a single or multiple t-shirts.

Personally, I recommend you to become a pre-registered member here before to place an online order because this makes you more secure here. Also being a registered member you can apply for the product return if anyhow you are not satisfied with the product and its quality.

5. Customers Queries and Solution

We understand well the curious nature of the customers, hence, we also established a customer's queries and resolution corner at this site. So if you have any queries and questions regarding the website, products or the policies, then you can freely join our live chat room, forums, blogs and Faqs to a suitable solution.

6. Website and Product Promotion

Being the website owner I have secured all the rights to promote the website and all its products by using several social channels and digital marketing tricks. Apart from that, the website owner has all the rights to anytime use the customer's data (Email Id or Phone Number) for the promotional purpose of website products and to run several branding campaigns and advertisement, whether its a Newsletter, Email, Phone call, or a simple Text message.

7. Information Safety Feature

No doubt a website owner and the data admin is only responsible towards the safety of the stored record of the customer's data, and hence, we like to work on the “Do Not Track” DNT policy in which we didn’t allow any outside or the third party member to access our database.

8. Kids Policy

Through the source of this website, we are working on the product selling sector (T-shirts) in a very neat and clean way, as we are not selling and posting any adultery product or content here. Therefore, the website of the T-shirt Panda is open for the kids of every age group.

Feel free to reach us at anytime if you have any queries regarding this privacy policy.

Thank you so much for visiting here... Enjoy Your Shopping!!