Return Policy for T-Shirt Panda

In a way to provide a comfortable product exchange facility to each of our customers, we have created this document to introduce everyone with the return policies of this online t-shirt selling portal. This policy mentions all the nitty-gritty terms which a customer need to follow whenever they are feeling unsatisfied with any of their purchased product from the T-shirt Panda and are looking to exchange or return it. This return policy works under the well define and a fixed return and refund criteria by covering the following terms:

1. 15 Days return

A customer can apply for the returning of any purchased product from t-shirt panda, the online t-shirt printing and selling web portal within the duration on 15 days from the date of their product receiving. The return policy will not be applicable after the exceeding of this 15 days duration, also we are not liable to accept or return the purchased from the customer when they have crossed the 15 days return deadline.

2. A product is accepted to be return or exchange in the following conditions

As per the return policy of this online t-shirt selling portal T-Shirt Panda, the mere products with the following condition are considerable to return:

a) When a customer will receive a damaged product.

b) When a customer feels unsatisfied with the product quality.

c) When a customer gets the wrong product,

d) When a customer has some issues in the size.

Note: Apart from that, a product will not be to consider for the return or refund under the following conditions:

a) When a customer exceeds the product return deadline.

b) When the customer removes the attached tags from the product.

c) Anyhow the customer damages the product or makes any stain on it.

d) A product without a shipment receipt or bill is also not be considered under this return policy.

e) A used product is also not be considered as the return or refund.

3. Get the product refund amount in the T-Shirt Panda Wallet

Whenever a particular customer is applying for the returning of a product either they can purchase another product in the exchange of that product, or they can also replace the same product with their suitable size if they are looking the exchange the product only due to the size issue.

Besides this, if a customer did not found any satisfactory product or in their suitable size, then in such cases, they are liable to apply for the refund of their amount on the behalf of the purchased product. Then after receiving the product safely from the customer, the product refunded amount will be credited to the customer's e-wallet of the t-shirt panda web portal within 3-5 business days. A customer can anytime use their wallet’s amount in their next purchase from the t-shirt panda.

4. How to apply for the product return?

Customers can apply for the return or refund of the product within the 15 days of the delivery by just following a simple return process, for this, they need to contact our support team through sending an email mentioning a request to return the product or to refund its amount. Alongside addressing an email request for the product returning, a customer can also return requests from their dashboard of the t-shirt panda’s web account.

If you still have any queries or doubts regarding this return policy of the t-shirt panda, then feel free to get in touch with our support team at For sure we will get back to you within 24 hours with a suitable solution for your requested issue.

Thank you.