Terms of Services

This legal document issuing the Terms and Services developed under the governing law of the state, which permits you to use and access the services offered by T-shirt Panda for the usage of our developed websites and applications and are covered under this agreement. As per our terms, as a customer, you are enabled to use the services given by us after the acceptance of the required conditions. To become the product buyer of this web site, or to use our offered services you must agree with these Terms. According to our law of Terms and Services, the following terms are applicable to each visitor, user, and all the other individuals who want to access the application to use the services.

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Any kind of interruption or disturbance of the third party is not owned and controlled by the services of the T-shirt Panda.

We, the online t-shirt printing and selling service providers, anyhow is not responsible for the content, data security in case of hacking or other, privacy policy, any kind of lack in access and practice of application or website of any third party or outer services. Being our customer, you need to agree that we are not liable or responsible for the leakage in offered services such as damage or loss in the delivers product or any outsider interaction.

We strongly suggest you read this document carefully for the applied Terms and Services and Privacy Policy covered under the deal and for the finalization of the deal or to buy a particular product from the website. These terms and services are open until the end of the deal or the contract.

Online t-shirt selling services powered by the T-shirt Panda

In the condition of the cancellation of the placed order from this t-shirt selling platform powered by the T-shirt Panda are subjected to the fulfillment and completed by the dealer who owns this who is purchased any product from this portal, a dealer has all the rights to manage all the critical issues regarding the order cancellation and the refund. In such kind of issues, disputes, and misconception between the dealer and the customer.

Governing Law

This legal document for the offered services along with terms and services for the entire usage and access of our developed web portal to purchase and order a designer t-shirt is constructed and governed by keeping in mind and under the Indian law of merchants, which did not conflict the law of provision.

In case of failure in any rights and provision of our terms and services will not be considered as a waiver of the law of terms and services. If any condition, these terms, and services are supposed to be invalid by the law and court, the remaining terms and provision will remain the same until the due date of the respective deal or the product delivered.


We reserve all the rights in the direction towards the modification and replacement of any condition and clause of these terms and services. In case of violation of any of our term or in any serious issue regarding the failure of the contract, we are liable to provide a notice when we observe any suspicious activity at our website or in the activity and the behavior of any particular client in the 15-business days of the deal cancellation. We assure you that this will not affect our business terms anyhow, and you again contact us in the future to take the benefits of our t-shirt printing and selling services. Besides this, to continue with us and to get the access and usage of our services after the revision, once again you must agree with our revised and new terms. If you feel not agree with the newly added terms.

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